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Compassion in action

Giving Our Hands to Serve And Our Hearts to Love

HAND International is a non-profit Humanitarian Foundation committed to making the world a better place.

Since 2010, HAND International has been working tirelessly to alleviate poverty and provide access to various services, including education, healthcare, and relief, in areas that have been affected by disasters.

With highly qualified staff and volunteers, the organization has been instrumental in providing humanitarian aid and support to the communities who need it most.

Especially grateful is the close collaborative relationship with our international and local partners in reaching out to new areas and locations in 5 countries.

Our Focus

We Believe in a Holistic Approach

Be Inspired by Our Disaster Relief Heroes

Amidst chaos, heroes rise. Explore the compassion and resilience behind our global disaster relief efforts, saving lives in the darkest hours.

Unlocking Potential: Join Us in Innovating Education

Join our journey to innovate education, unlocking potential and paving the way to brighter futures for learners everywhere.

Healing Hands: Our Stories from the Frontlines of Healthcare

Experience the compassion and healing of our healthcare warriors, who mend lives with unwavering dedication.

Small Steps, Big Dreams: Micro Enterprises Transforming Lives

Dreams take flight in the world of micro enterprises. Witness how skill development empowers entrepreneurs to change their destinies.

Home for All: The Power of Shelter Aid

Shelter is more than a roof—it's hope. Explore the profound impact of shelter aid in providing safe havens and rebuilding lives.

Revolutionizing Agriculture: Empowering Rural Communities

In the heartland, change blossoms. Explore how agriculture transforms rural lives, cultivating prosperity from the soil of hope.

Give Your Hands to Serve & Your Heart to Love.

Join us in our mission to create a better world

Our International Partners

"Friends working with friends, having fun & changing the world!"

Together with our partners, we are dedicated to rebuilding lives and restoring hope.

Our Partners & Volunteers


where we work

Transforming Lives Across Borders

We empower communities in urban and rural areas by providing resources and support. Join us on our journey to make a lasting and meaningful difference in people's lives. Your involvement can inspire positive change.




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