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About Us

Discover the story behind our organization’s inception and our unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes.

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Motivated by a common cause

Our Humble Beginnings

We began as Humanitarian Assistance Network for Disaster (HAND) on 19th March 2010 after undergoing a training on basic preparedness in International Disaster Response (IDR 1100). Our humble beginnings started with a dinner at Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya which we hosted for a small group of about 18 well-wishers to launch HAND.

Since our inception, and as a result of our clear focus & organizational structure based on ‘The Starfish Model’ , we have experienced many 'milestones'.

Little did we expect to grow & develop so rapidly, that by our 4th Anniversary in March 2014 we decided to rebrand ourselves as Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development (HAND) so as to widen and deepen the scope of the expanding activities, trainings & programs we conduct in different locations.

What is the Starfish Community about? Watch video.
Empowering Lives, Creating Change

Our Mission

As a non-profit Humanitarian Foundation, our organization plays a vital role in making a positive impact on society. Our efforts are focused on helping those in need, whether it be through supporting individuals or groups facing hardship, providing resources and aid to those affected by natural disasters, or contributing to initiatives that improve the quality of life for communities around the world.


HAND will collaborate and network with partners in disaster & community tranformation


HAND will equip & build communities' capacity through an asset-based approach


HAND will be a catalyst for sustainable community transformation
united by a Shared Vision

Our Vision

"To establish a Holistic & Sustainable Community Transformation through Netweaving"

Inban A. Caldwell - Strategic Coordinator

Our Tagline

"Friends working with friends, having fun & changing the world!"

At HAND International, we are constantly inspired to achieve greatness through our 'Starfish Community Model.' Our members work with passion and determination, operating with autonomy while supporting each other in achieving our goals. By working together and leveraging each other's strengths, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve extraordinary feats.

Our Mission Statement - Watch video.
Our Core Values

Fostering a Collaborative Spirit

Uniting diverse perspectives, talents & resources to achieve greatest impact.


HAND's commitment is to incorporate love and compassion in supporting those in need, especially during disasters, poverty, and social inequality.


HAND community is dedicated to its mission, with values of punctuality and cleanliness. We are adaptable, resilient, and determined to succeed. We aim for professionalism and accountability.


HAND community actively engages with various groups and individuals who share our goal of improving the world. Our belief in the power of human connection drives us to foster camaraderie and make a positive impact in the world.


HAND community is proactive and dedicated to obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge to complete assignments with professionalism.

Our International Partners

"Friends working with friends, having fun & changing the world!"

Together with our partners, we are dedicated to rebuilding lives and restoring hope.

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Serving With Passion

Vironica Tirtajaya

Surabaya Pack Leader

Wee Yin Sian

Singapore Pack Leader

Wem Turupadang

NTT pack Leader

Give Your Hands to Serve & Your Heart to Love.

Join us in our mission to create a better world

where we work

Transforming Lives Across Borders

We empower communities in urban and rural areas by providing resources and support. Join us on our journey to make a lasting and meaningful difference in people's lives. Your involvement can inspire positive change.




East Nusa Tenggara

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