In celebrating Kartini Day 2019, TK Terang Bangsa held the Indonesian traditional fashion competition and the declamations for TK A and TK B students. Unlike the usual days, Monday, April 22, 2019, TK Terang Bangsa Surabaya were hustling-bustling, some students ran here and there happily and the teachers and parents looked worried in seeing their children’s acts.

The students were firstly asked to strike a pose in front of the provided camera while preparing for the fashion competition and declamation. All students queued neatly to each other waiting for their turns to take a photo. Some students posed greatly while the others were shy, even crying, when asked to “act” in front of the camera.

When the photo session finished, students and teachers walked together to a provided mini stage at the field not far from the school. The students then started to walk on the stage and read a declamation titled “Ibu Kartini”.

“Today all students have done the best they could. I give thanks to all parents who have helped their children to participate in wearing Indonesian traditional clothes. There are always winners and losers in a competition. Yet, don’t be disappointed for those of you who didn’t win because all students are winners, for all of you have been brave in walking on stage,” Meidi, one of TK Tunas Bangsa’s teachers, explained.