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Educating for Tomorrow: Transforming Academics

We hear about drones in everyday news. HAND has started a new initiative to explore the use of drones to help disaster-stricken communities rebuild their lives. Working with a volunteer staff from Temasek Polytechnic since early 2019, HAND staff has been progressively trained to operate small off-the-shelf drones for aerial surveys in Bromo, Indonesia.

From Barren Grounds to Bountiful Harvests: The Inspiring Story of Hamali Ate

In July 2022, a small community known as Hamali Ate, nestled in the rugged terrain of Sumba, Kodi, faced immense challenges. The land they called home was harsh, characterized by unforgiving volcanic rock surfaces, a scarcity of water sources, and a lack of access to the electrical grid. Their daily existence was a testament to resilience, as they struggled to make ends meet, planting the occasional corn and rice twice a year.

Events that Educate: Seminar Success Stories

Memeriahkan hari Kartini 2019, TK Terang Bangsa menggelar lomba busana tradisional Indonesia dan deklamasi untuk para murid TK A dan TK B. Tidak seperti hari-hari biasa, Senin 22 April 2019 suasana di TK Terang Bangsa Surabaya tampak hiruk pikuk, beberapa murid berlarian karena gembira sementara para guru dan orang tua terlihat was-was melihat tingkah murid dan anak-anak mereka.

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